PMJAY: Khyber hospital conducts 8 complex coronary stent procedures
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PMJAY: Khyber hospital conducts 8 complex coronary stent procedures

Post by on Monday, October 25, 2021

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Srinagar, Oct 24: The Khyber Medical Institute Srinagar has conducted eight complex coronary stent procedures free of cost under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), doctors said.
The procedures were performed during the intervening night of October 22 and 23 on patients hailing from Srinagar and far off places like Poonch, Rajouri and Kargil.
The procedures were done by a team of doctors including Dr Syed Maqbool, Dr Irfan Ahmad, and Dr Muzafar Ali, dully supported by cath lab staff including Ulfat, Hameem and Sarwar. While the intensive care support was provided by Dr Shah Showkat.
Two patients had Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) that is 100 percent occluded arteries, which carries a procedural success rate of 70 to 80 percent only worldwide. Both these patients got their totally occluded (partial to blocked) arteries successfully opened by the antegrade approach.
Dr Maqbool said one patient who had suffered a major heart attack, had critical bifurcation disease (branch point) in the most important artery of the heart (LAD).
“This patient had a failed procedure a few days back. A successful dedicated bifurcation stent was performed on him,” he said.
Another middle-aged female, having only 40kg weight, had not only critically disease in all three vessels of the heart but they were massively calcified and tortuous.
“She had suffered four heart attacks in the past and was refused bypass surgery by surgeons in view of less weight. Her two vessels were successfully stented despite heavy calcium and severe tortuosity and the third one is planned for another session,” he said.
Two other patients also had massively calcified and tortuous vessels which were negotiated successfully. Two patients had blockages with very severe LV dysfunction (pumping of heart about 25 to 30 percent only).
Similarly, one patient had diabetes with critical three-vessel diseases but he refused bypass surgery and a stent procedure was performed on him.
Dr Maqbool said that coronary stent of Chronic total occlusion, bifurcation, calcified and tortuous vessels, triple vessel disease with severe LV dysfunction makes coronary stent procedures complex procedure carrying high risk as well as the risk of procedural failure.
He said performing such complex procedures most of times needs a lot of planning and preparation and “our team was fully geared up.”
All these procedures were done free under the PMJAY scheme and patients got the best possible care.
Dr Maqbool, a leading cardiologist, said although treatment of cardiac diseases has advanced but prevention still remains the cornerstone therapy.
“Proper treatment of diabetes, hypertension and deranged cholesterol levels plus eating healthy, keeping weight under control and regular exercise keeps heart healthy and prevents coronary artery disease,” he said.
In March this year, the hospital conducted the first indigenous coronary IVL (intravascular lithotripsy) in J&K on two patients with severe calcified coronary artery disease.

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