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Pirpanjal girl publishes maiden book, highlights 'women's everlasting pain'

Post by on Monday, August 22, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 21:  Muskan Riyaz, a 20-year-old young writer from the Pirpajal range of Boniyar Baramulla, has portrayed the everlasting pain of women in society in her maiden book titled "The Brutal Tale of Helen."
Speaking to Rising Kashmir, the young writer said this book is all about the suffering of women and their perpetual pain. The book was released last month at Tagore Hall here. The book is available on online platforms.
In the books she has written, women at any age can transform their lives, and all they need to do is not give up. She also said in the book that both men and women are equal and that there is no superior or inferior.
Due to women’s limited vocabulary, women experience prejudice, which lowers their status and influence within the household. To maintain their identity within the culture, which frequently encourages violence against women, they ultimately pay a horrible price, "she said.
The author is currently perusing her graduation from Government Degree College, Boniyar Baramulla, and was interested in writing from an early age.
She belongs to the backward area of this border town where people have limited access, especially women. She is also working to translate her book into Kashmiri so every individual can understand and read it. She has co-authored many books in the past.
She cleared 12th from the Govt Girls Higher Secondary School in Baramulla with a science stream.  Her father, Riyaz Ahmed Sofi, and mother, Rubina Riyaz, have always been there for her. She also volunteers for the NSS.
The young author makes an effort to write for the betterment of society. Her interests include reading, calligraphy, and painting. She is currently working on her second book, which may be written in Kashmiri.
Muskaan attempted to capture the unending suffering of a girl in this tale as well as the depravity and criminality of society (LUST). She expresses cruelty and melancholy through her writing as a means of communication. She writes primarily about social topics that are prevalent in society.
Women in the Kashmir valley are suffering silently, and they are unable to share their pain and grief with anyone. As a result, they are getting involved in depression, which leads to various diseases. I would suggest to the women folk of Kashmir to get and become their advocates and fight for your rites. She believes unless and until the woman can’t stand on her own, no one will help her.

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