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Physical Exercise an Antidote to Drug Addiction
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Physical Exercise an Antidote to Drug Addiction

Post by on Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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Drug addiction among youth is alarmingly rampant these days. This drug addiction is destroying not only their physical health but also the vitals of psychological health. The reasons why people get addicted to drugs are countless. But the most explicit and defined reasons behind this are: Mental frustration and lack of proper counselling against this frustration. When somebody feels frustrated because of one reason or the other, he consumes drugs in order to get the temporary relief from this mental frustration, hardly knowing that this drug consumption cannot remediate his mental anxiety and ennui. Our youth should desist themselves from this illegal and inimical drug addiction because drug-addiction, instead of solving the problems of any person, actually doubles it. But a drug-addicted person considers it the other way round for as the dictum goes ‘when the wine is in, the wit is out.’ 
One can de-addict oneself from the menace of this drug addiction by following some measures and means. The most effective and expenses free measure is that of physical exercise or physical games. Physical exercise or for that matter involving oneself in physical games is the best antidote to any sort of harmful addiction. Physical exercise/ games make us physically strong and mentally sound. Instead of drug consumption, our youth should bank more on physical exercise. They should enroll themselves in fitness centers in order to make their physical bodies fit and their mental health sound. 
When we consume drugs we are actually proving ourselves lazy, inert and helpless in front of these life destroying drugs like heroine, liquor, cigarettes and all that. We should resist against these life taking stuffs. Drug consumption further aggravates the problems of a person. It makes him physically impaired and economically bankrupt. Physical exercise in comparison costs us nothing and makes us physically as well as mentally smart and sound. When a person participates in any sort of physical exercise or any type of entertaining game, it drives away from his mind every sort of complicated worldly cares. But it is very unfortunate and tragic on the part of our misguided youth that they snowball their problems by consuming drugs in their cozy chambers. 
Drugs, as has been proven scientifically provide a temporary relief and peace to the disturbed mind. Once the effect of the intoxication is over, one feels more dogged out by the fears and frets. Drug addiction is not a solution to any problem which baffles any person. Besides this, drug addiction is haram and is prohibited in Islam.  We should prove ourselves strong by resisting the temptation to drugs, for discretion is the better part of the valor. Thereby hangs the tale!
Post Script: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Kennedy
(Author is a Research Scholar at the Department of English, AMU. He can be mailed at: bilalbismil89@gmail.com)

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