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People urge authorities to start E-Rickshaw services across Srinagar

Post by on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Srinagar, June 27: With the start of E-Rickshaw services in several parts of Srinagar, the residents of other several areas not availing the services Monday urged authorities to provide the same services for them.
E- Rickshaw services in Srinagar were started in some areas of Srinagar in April this year.
Pertinent to mention that E-Rickshaws are considered eco-friendly with almost zero pollution and run on a chargeable lithium battery. 
The initiative of starting an E-Rickshaw is being widely hailed by locals. 
Shaista Yaqoob, a resident of Rambagh while praising the initiative said that authorities should provide E-Rickshaw services in their area as well. “It is environment friendly as well as their fare is relatively cheaper.” 
Saima, a resident of Natipora said that such services should be started across Srinagar to make the city greener and free from the pollution.
The service is currently plying from GawKadal to HabaKadal, Fateh Kadal, BohriKadal, Dalgate, Khanyar and other areas. The fare for the E-Rickshaw ride is very less as compared to other public transport rides
Assistant Regional Transport Officer, Srinagar, Arif Ahmad told Rising Kashmir that E-Rickshaw will cover more areas in Srinagar as the department has already conducted a meeting with higher authorities. “The outcome will come in one or two days.”
Ahmad further said 40 to 50 individuals have registered for E-Rickshaws and the department will allot it in different areas within the coming days where E-Auto Rickshaw will be plying.


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