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People seek water filtration plants in Mawer, Handwara

Department supplies direct water to people: Residents

Post by on Friday, July 22, 2022

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Srinagar, July 21: Despite spending crores of rupees to provide portable drinking water facilities to Mawer residents in Handwara,the department of Jal Shakti has failed to make a single filtration plant operational in the area. Even though many filtration plants have been constructed by the Jal Shakti department in the nearby locality. 
According to residents, the department is directly supplying water to the population of around one lakh people in the area. They said the department has executed work on some filtration plants, but none of the filtration plants are operational in the vicinity yet.
They said that the Jal shakti department has spent crores of rupees on the construction of water bowls in the area in the past, and these water bowls have been lying defunct for many years.
People questioned, “instead of constructing these water bowls, the department should have made a filtration plant to provide potable drinking water to the people. People stated that the department made these water bowls to withdraw the handsome amount.
“Whenever it rains, the area gets contaminated with water, which poses a threat to people getting infected with water-borne diseases.”
The department constructed some water bowls in the area to store water. A huge amount of money has been withdrawn from these bowls. Unfortunately, these bowls are not operational, locals said.
The department has been apprised several times in the past. Residents said that they always give assurances to people that the filtration plant will be made operational soon, nut no avail.
Bilal Ahmad, a local, told Rising Kashmir, "The area is witnessing its worst water crisis during rainy days, and people are being forced to fetch water from nearby streams."
He said earlier, that people were fetching water from natural springs. But they all dried up due to the low water level in Nallah Mawer.
Residents urged the LG-led administration to direct the concerned department to make the filtration plant operational in the area at the earliest so that people cannotuj9ip be forced to fetch water from nearby streams.
When Executive Engineer Jal Shakti sub division Handwara Bashir Ahmad was contacted, he stated that he would seek the details of all non-functional filtration plants from the relevant AEE Engineers. 
He said we are hopeful these filtration plants will be operational in the coming months.   

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