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PC has history of sacrifice, deserves chance to lead people of J&K: Nizamuddin Bhat

Post by on Monday, August 8, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 07: Former legislator and senior PC leader Nizamuddin Bhat Sunday appealed people to throw their weight behind Peoples’ Conference and help it to emerge politically formidable enough to meet the insurmountable challenges ahead.
He made these comments while addressing a gathering of senior workers at Matrigam. BDC Bashir Ahmad Baba and Sarpanchs Mushtaq Ahmad and Mohammad Hussain were also present.
Holding New Delhi responsible for disempowering people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, Bhat said the erstwhile state has been stripped off its identity and people have been hurt and humiliated.
He said it is an irony that post-partition Jammu and Kashmir turned into a conflict zone which continues to claim the cost of the paradise and its masses.
He added that it is, unfortunate, that unity moves to stand in resistance against Delhi’s onslaughts were thwarted by leaders of the times failing its own people.
"While in 1987 democracy was slaughtered and peoples’ mandate was subverted by NC - Congress coalition, in 1996 same parties undermined sacrifices and sufferings in lieu of return to power," he added.
He further stated that similar events in the past, at crucial junctures of our chequered history, where hunger for power and collaboration with New Delhi helped the latter to fulfil the designs of subjugation of the aspirants of liberty and honour. In the presence of amenability to manoeuvring, Delhi continued to strangulate people of J&K politically and culturally till it brought the state finally down into shambles in 2019.
"NC and PDP are the two regional parties who should be honest to admit to their failures and weaknesses which emboldened New Delhi in the ongoing impasse. They failed miserably to prevent state's devastation despite massive mandates. It is high time that people make a dispassionate assessment only to regain their own power to decide or they will face further decline and disempowerment," he added.
On the occasion, prominent local Advocate Sameer Ahmad Baig along with five other respectable personalities from the area pledged their support to PC.
While welcoming them into the fold, he maintained that since PC has not been part of any major decision which decided our fate and was never given a sizeable mandate, it deserves a chance.
"Peoples Conference has a history of sacrifices on record to claim a chance to lead people to peace and come out from the entangling imbroglio. The party has the required cadre who have gone through thick and thin and as such the party can be trusted to be strengthened as a much needed cushion. That is how people can face central arrogance and their tendency to usurp," he added.
Bhat further said that people are the ultimate source to prevail and they have lessons to be drawn from their amenability to misuse and blackmail.
He hoped that now when people have tried and tested everyone, it will be wiser on their part to be on guard against deceptive politics in future.
He also maintained that youth has their fate at stake and will have to be more cautious for their own good.
Condemning the ban on Muharrum processions, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the government not spared even a supremely religious and emotional occasion like this.
PDP leader, Arif Laigaroo  said the muzzling of dissent on political and administrative fronts has becoming a hallmark of present government but the fact that it used its favourite methods  to prevent a religious procession in an index of its complete bankruptcy.
Laigaroo said the government is paranoid about any kind of public gathering and is feeling insecure to perform in a democratic manner that is why he said, the present government is on a war path with every section of the society.
PDP leader  said use of brute force has become a preferred weapon of present government  to silence not only its opponents but even the commoners are not being spared and muzzle the voices of dissent against its repression, misrule and corruption. He said it is time that the administration reviewed the three decade old ban on Muharram processions on their traditional routes. He said the ban must go once for all and mourners should be allowed to use their traditional routes as has been the practice for decades before the ban was enforced.

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