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Pathania urges to work for peace, love, brotherhood in society

Post by on Monday, June 27, 2022

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Majalta, June 26: Ranbir Singh Pathania, spokesperson J&K BJP, while addressing KabirJayanti celebrations at KabirMandir, Baryalta (Majalta) exhorted that every citizen of the country should work for the welfare of society and serve the humanity selflessly as preached by santKabir.
Pathania stressed upon inculcating the lofty ideals and thoughts and gospels propounded by Saint Kabir which are relevant even in present turbulent times. The teachings of santKabirji are most relevant in today’s times and situations. He said that 15th century revolutionary saint, poet and social reformer SatguruKabir propagated oneness of the Supreme Being across all religions. A weaver by profession, the Saint wrote couplets and devotional songs extolling the greatness of the Supreme Being that pervades all things.
"Teachings of great spiritual saints inspire us to lead a righteous life. There were five human values of sathya, dharma, shanti, prema and ahimsa. These human values were taught by saints of all religions, which confer inner bliss".
Pathania called upon everyone to propagate the message of SatguruKabir to every nook and corner of the country to fight the evils of casteism, communalism, and corruption which have engulfed the society.
He further stressed on the requirement of discipline, affability and self-restraint amongst the party activists while striving for peace, development and Vision -2022 of the Prime Minister he further said that ‘Sabkasathsabkavikaas’ has become a national slogan and more or less a thread which has bound the entire country in one chord, irrespective of caste, colour,creed or religion with one thread. India and Indians have been virtually catapulted to a virtual point where they are now trying to redeem its rich cultural heritage, golden history, traditions, values and the unbending spirit of pluralism, mutual brotherhood and self-respect.


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