Passion can open doors of success: Kashmir actress Mizba Khan
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Passion can open doors of success: Kashmir actress Mizba Khan

Post by on Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Actress and model Mizba Khan started small on social media, but with hard work and passion, she went on to share work with the likes of Kabeer Khan and various other greats of the Indian film industry.
Hailing from Srinagar’s Chanapora area, Mizba has worked in various TV commercials, been featured in the Andaz Music video, and played a lead role in the video of the ‘Khuda Hi Tum Ho’ song.
She has also worked in various Netflix series including ‘Enigma of Kashmir’ and ‘Masaba Masaba.’
An Anesthesiology graduate, Mizba started as a makeup artist in the year 2017 and has also worked with various celebrities and brands across the world as a makeup artist including Loreal, Lakme, and Prolixr.
While speaking with Rising Kashmir, she said “though it may seem we live in a society where there are fewer opportunities, yet with passion and hard work, we can make the mountains move.”
“Once a person develops a passion for a successful career, the doors to greatness open. The only thing is to have a vision; a dream... and a passion to follow that dream,” she says.
“At times, we fear following our dreams and in the race, we lose ourselves and the opportunities that come knocking on our doors,” she adds while warning the youngsters to not miss on the opportunities.
She says there is great talent in Kashmir’s youth but the passion to follow a dream and not grabbing the opportunities at the right time is a worrisome factor. She advises talented youth to showcase their skills over the internet and benefit from the virtual space.
“Social media has already done 50 percent of the work for those of us who have the talent to showcase. It is a very powerful platform if we use it well. When you show your work to the world it gets easier to put your feet down. So, I would suggest the youth to start from the social media and the ways may open,” she adds further. 
She herself began with social media and it was through it that the offers for acting and make-up gigs started to pour in during the early period of her carrier.
In a message to the youth of Kashmir, Mizba adds, “I want to tell the youth of Kashmir, just believe in your talent and your capabilities; try to always believe that you can get what you are wishing for, and if you work hard for it, it will come to you; because it has to, sooner or later, and always listen to your heart, it never lies!”
Mizba is planning to open the first acting school in the valley and hopes to train the Kashmiri youth in conquering the glamour world.
With the government attempting to revive the valley’s tryst with the film industry and more youngsters willing to step into the realms of fashion, film, and glamour, Mizba sees hope and feels that better times lie ahead for Kashmir’s film future.

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