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Pakistan's flip flop on ties with India reflects its confused state of mind: Chrungoo

Post by on Saturday, July 3, 2021

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Jammu, July 02: "Pakistan's flip-flop on ties with India reflects its confused state of mind, and is also representative of the existence of various power centres within the corridors of power there," Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, senior BJP and KP leader said on Friday.  
Reacting to Pakistan PM’s statement regarding the conditional restoration of ties with India, Chrungoo said, “This statement is in contravention of the statement made by the foreign minister of Pakistan some days ago that 'Article 370 is an internal matter of India.'”
Chrungoo was addressing a Webinar on the topic, "Indo-Pak ties & the backdoor diplomacy" on Friday.
India has maintained that the issue related to Article 370 of the Indian Constitution was entirely an internal matter of the country. It has also made it clear to Pakistan that it desires normal neighbourly relations with Islamabad in an environment free of terror, hostility and violence, Chrungoo remarked.
Regarding the recent drone attack in Jammu and Kashmir, Chrungoo said that Union Minister of State for Home Affairs G Reddy’s statement that 'Pakistan's hand in the attack can't be ruled out' assumes importance.
“The drone attack in Jammu and in the areas bordering Pakistan recently is clearly pointing fingers towards Pakistan. Investigations by NIA in this regard will give a clear picture of the situation,” Chrungoo said.
He further said that the “confused state of mind” of the leaders of Pakistan and its corridors of power coupled with various power centres within represent the continuous “hazy internal situation of Pakistan.”
Thus the flip flop on foreign affairs is an outcome of its frustration, confusion and resource limitation, he added.
"Pakistan requires to translate its promises made to India fifteen years back that it would not allow misuse of the land under its control for terror purposes against India. They need to come clean on the issue before aspiring for any meaningful dialogue with India. It also needs to be noted that 5/6 August 2019 decisions regarding Jammu and Kashmir are permanent in nature and form that have since been endorsed by the people of India. The political and diplomatic dialogue between India and Pakistan is subject to the foreign policy doctrine that terror and talks won't go together," the BJP leader said further.

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