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PAGD is secret pact of NC, PDP to save dynasty rule: Vakil

Post by on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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Zainageer, Aug 01: Coming down heavily on NC and PDP for their alleged “opportunistic politics” to save their “dynasty throne”, senior vice-president president of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples’ Conference and former minister Abdul GaniVakil said these two parties have once again got exposed before the people of Jammu and Kashmir as the PAGD once formed for restoration of Article 370 and 35A turned out to be an secret pact of NC and PDP to save two-family rule. 
Vakil alleged that NC and PDP have always preferred uncertainty in J&K and never wanted peace as they have the “lust for power” to loot state exchequer and shower benefits to their kith and kins. 
Addressing a party workers’convention at ZalooraZainageer in Rafiabad, Vakil asked the people to identify those political parties who have, through their successive regimes, enormously weakened Article 370 simply to appease their lords in Delhi for the lust of power. 
He said NC and PDP pushed J&K to trouble for the sake of power. "The prevailing chaos and confusion is the gift of NC and PDP to J&K. 
Vakil appealed to the people to strengthen PC because it is the only party which has the strong leadership to fight the duplicity of NC and PDP leadership.
Addressing the gathering DDC Chairman Kupwara and Sr. PC leader IrfanPanditpori said, "People of J&K have been trapped in the post August 5, 2019 situation. The PC will stand up for them in our united quest to retrieve back that is rightfully ours,” he said, adding, “We at the PC believe that existing changelessness is a big challenge and an even bigger challenge is navigating a dignified way out of the web of disempowerment,” added Irfan. 


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