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PAGD formed to misled people, have joined hands only for their own political gains: Altaf Bukhari

Post by on Monday, August 8, 2022

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 Srinagar, Aug 07: Apni Party (AP) president Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari Sunday took a dig at the People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD), saying that the traditional political parties have joined hands only for their own political gains.
He said if alliance parties were sincere in safeguarding the interests of J&K and its people, why they don’t dissolve their individuality to fight for their “so-called” cause.
“Had these parties been sincere to their so-called cause, they would have shunned their individual identity to make their claims feel genuine. The truth is these power-hungry parties are only trying to hoodwink people in the name of this professed alliance,” Bukhari said, while addressing a party event in south Kashmir’s Kulgam wherein several political activists and their supporters joined the party.
“AP believes in constructive politics, thus we will not say or do anything which would push our youth to the bleak future or land them into the jails or graveyards,” Bukhari said.
He asserted, “After August 5, 2019, there was absolute hopelessness in whole J&K and people were feared that their identity would be snatched away but AP took lead to ensure protection to the rights of J&K people on their agriculture land and jobs.”
Revealing the vision of the party, the AP president Bukhari said, “We are committed to work for better future of J&K and its people. We cannot let our youth suffer unabated. We ought to put an end to the protracted conflict situation on our land. We cannot afford further misery and bloodshed on this land, as the people have already suffered immensely.”
He added that Apni Party’s key agenda is to work for sustained peace, durable prosperity and long-term development, which will eventually augur political and economic empowerment for J&K people and open up the opportunities for our youth.
He said Apni Party will continue to strive for the restoration of statehood to J&K and other constitutional rights for its people.
While demanding conduct of assembly polls in J&K, Bukhari said that Governor Rule cannot be alternative to an elected government in any part of the country, which is privileged to be one of the largest democracies in the world.
“J&K people must be given the right to elect their representative and form a government. They should not be deprived of this fundamental right; thus, the Election Commission must ensure elections here immediately,” he said.
He claimed that AP promises you that it will ensure peace, prosperity and development in J&K, and political and economic empowerment to its people. This is an achievable objective and will keep striving for it.
Hitting hard on traditional political parties for their deceitful and misleading politics, the AP president said, “Till August 5, 2019 these political parties would say that they will not only protect Article 370 of the constitution but will also fetches things like Autonomy and self-rule to J&K. Since we have lost even Article 370, they have now started harping that they will bring this special status back. They simply are trying to make people fool for their electoral gains.”
He asked, “If these political parties are truly so powerful that they can bring article 370 back, then, in the first place, why did they let it go even after having their own members sitting in the parliament?”


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