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Online building permission process by LCMA turns 'herculean task' for applicants

Post by on Monday, August 1, 2022

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Srinagar, July 30: The facility of availing online building permission by applicants in Srinagar has become a herculean task as applicants are facing immense hardships from the concerned end.
The applicants said the department of lakes conservation and management authority (LCMA) takes a long time to confirm the permission.
Pertinent to mention here, in 2021, the department of lakes and management authority (LCMA) started the online building permission service (OBPS), in which all the applicants who want to construct a building have to apply online.
This was done to save time and direct human intervention for curbing corruption. 
Rameez Ahmad, a Srinagar resident who had applied for the online permission, said, "I submitted the application form in May but the department took a long time to fulfil the process, adding he is yet to get the permission."
If all of the documents are verified, construction permission should be granted.
But why does the process take three months? Why do they hold cases in the department rather than entertain them?
Another applicant, Murtaza, said I received permission from other departments like the town planner, revenue, and others, but it holds on to other departments that are creating a mess like CTP, Ex. Engineer, LCMA, and Executive Engineer PDD also takes a long time.
Most of the cases have the ‘pending’ status when checked online. He further said that we don’t have access to see which kinds of queries have been raised and why our permissions are pending. For that, we have to go to the LCMA office physically and they further send us to the other departments which are associated with LCMA for this process. 
When contacted by Secretary LCMA, Irfan Bahadur he said the LCMA department looks after the process and after receiving the proper application, they forward the file to other departments. “If a file is taking long, that means there are some kind of queries that need to be answered. We also try to expedite the work within one month’s time period.”

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