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Nowpora road in shambles since last 5 years, people aghast

Post by on Sunday, August 7, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 06: Residents of Alamdar Colony & Lone Mohalla, Nowpora Srinagar expressed strong anger against the authorities for failing to provide them with better road connectivity for five years.
The inner road connecting the area of the road is in such a mess and the requests over the years for its blacktopping are pending from the years.
The resident of the area told Rising Kashmir that it has been 5yrs since the road was blacktopped. A brief shower and the dozens of potholes turn into pools of water.
Mohammad Shaban said that it’s unfortunate that works which should have been taken up routinely by the SMC 24x7 and Works Department from time to time are pending.
He said after completion of drainage the condition of our roads has further worsened and it has become a pool of mud and it is impossible for us to come out of our houses in wet conditions.
Ajaz Bhat, another resident of the area said we avoid sending kids to schools or patients to doctors in wet conditions because they are the worst sufferers.
“The potholes of this area have become an accident-prone area and no auto or cab is ready to ply into the area,”Bhat said.
"We have requested the authorities time and again, and also submitted our pleas to authorities but our pleas fell on deaf ears."
Joint Commissioner Rajendra Singh told Rising Kashmir that residents will come to us and represent their problem so that we can make an estimate and forward it to higher authorities to address their problem.


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