Need to take care of mental health
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Need to take care of mental health

Post by on Sunday, April 17, 2022

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Mental health needs to be taken care of just like our physical health. 
To enhance one’s mental health one needs to understand that mental health isn’t a one day job - its a continuous process. 
1. We need to keep it in check by being well aware of our feelings, communicate it to others rather than repressing it. 
2. Be physically active- at least keep one physical activity in your daily regime it will enhance your mood. 
3. Maintaining healthy social connections- it helps to tackle the sense of emptiness and loneliness which somewhere is a precipitating factor for depression. 
4. Take regular breaks from work and screen time. 
5. Be more mindful, don’t procrastinate about past or future, be aware of the moment you are in. 
6. Have gratitude for what you have over being sad for what you don’t. 
7. Make sure to take proper diets- healthy foods have a good impact of one’s well-being.
Dr Yasir Hassan, Professor at IMHANS

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