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NC women's wing stages protest against electricity cuts

Post by on Friday, April 29, 2022

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Srinagar, April 28: National Conference (NC) women's wing Thursday said the power crisis in Jammu and Kashmir is deepening with each passing day, saying people are seeing no relief from unscheduled outages. 
According to a party statement, this was said by the party's women's wing functionaries in a protest against the worst ever and pervasive power crisis in Kashmir.  
Led by the party's women's wing president ShameemaFirdous, the protesting women's wing functionaries raised placards demanding relief from the unscheduled power cuts and unsteady water supply. 
Among others party's provincial wing presidentEr. SabiyaQadri, district president women's wing Baramulla, Adv. Neelofar Masood were also present in the protest march. 
“Our people are hankering for power, particularly at Iftar and Sehri hours. People don’t remember having seen such power shortages in their lifetimes, especially in summers. Normal life has been crippled and ongoing Ramazanfervor has been dampened due to the worsening crisis. The power shortage has also impacted patient care of mostly home-bound patients who survive on oxygen concentrators. Government is in a world of its own, detached from the predicaments of our people,” they said.
“Curtailment of electricity at sehri and iftar hours is being deliberately done to hassle us. Are you playing with our sentiments? If your intention is not to play with our sentiments, then give power during sehri and iftar hours, and cut it at other hours of the day,” they added.

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