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NC MPs express concern over ‘rising intolerance’ against minorities in country

Post by on Monday, April 25, 2022

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Srinagar, April 24: National Conference (NC) MPs Sunday expressed concern over “rising intolerance” in India, saying “the hush” in the power corridors over the growing hate speeches and attacks is resulting in uptick in religiously motivated harassment and violence.
In a joint statement party MPs Muhammad Akbar Lone and HasnainMasoodi said that the silence in the power corridors on the disturbing developments involving targeted attacks on minorities in recent weeks is worrisome.
“The central government’s deafening silence on the violence is hardly surprising. The BJP has rarely, if ever, had much use for secularism or ethics of religious pluralism. Other than a few concerned voices that emerged against the turn of events, there was no word of condemnation from government quarters, let alone taking action against the hate mongers. This hush in government circles amounts to abetment of such acts,” he said.
“No prosecution or serious effort seen to prevent attacks by vigilante groups has created a widespread fear among the minorities. Such actions have stoked communal hatred, created deep fissures in society, and led to much fear and mistrust of authorities among minority communities,” they said.
Reminding the havoc the ongoing polarization is wreaking on India's secular visage, the party MPs said, “Under no circumstances can we afford to lose the amity and brotherhood among different sections of Indian society, as that can only impede country's growth and tarnish its image.”
They said that the government needs to come out strongly against such groups and ensure safety and security of minorities. “Showcasing the country’s diversity through a colourful parade in New Delhi on Republic Day alone won't do. Government has to come forward and restore law and order and sense of security among the country's minorities,” they said.
The duo demanded stern action against those stocking violence.

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