Nawakadal YouTuber uses social media to entertain, highlight public problems
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Nawakadal YouTuber uses social media to entertain, highlight public problems

Post by on Saturday, August 14, 2021

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Srinagar Aug 07: Kashmir’s young YouTuber known for his comedy and pranks recently became an internet sensation for his latest song “One minute up and one minute down, baby this is Downtown.”
Musaib Bashir Bhat hailing from central Kashmir’s area of Nawakadal Srinagar has been winning the hearts of people through his entertaining videos and songs on social media.
The Youtuber initially started making videos on Tiktok in 2018 and however, it was his prank videos and songs which gained him popularity among masses.
"A friend of mine introduced me to a short video making Chinese application “Tiktok” (now banned in India). Initially, I started making videos with background audio only. Later I started making prank videos on YouTube for which I received overwhelming response and love from my viewers,” Bhat said.
Creating his own content changed his fortunes. The popularity of his YouTube channel- ‘MUSAIB BHAT' surged so much that today he has lakhs of followers and subscribers on his various social media platforms.
In his ‘Downtown song’ video, Bhat has tried to put across daily problems faced by the residents which he thinks are often ignored by the authorities. He has also tried to describe the age-old culture, lifestyle, and history of downtown through his song.
 “Actually this song is my tribute to Shehri-Khaas ‘Downtown' and I have tried to make my own style in the video," he said.
The Youtuber says through his “Downtown” song he has tried to narrate simplicity and the historical importance of this place and how it has been neglected on the developmental front from the past several years by the authorities.”
"The old city still has one or two marriage halls only. Besides the congestion issue, people here face all sorts of difficulties, "he said.
Bhat says nothing is unachievable in this world and no obstacle can stop the man from realizing his dreams if one is determined and works hard towards the goal.
“I tried to create a space for the people to escape from the harsh realities of life. Through my videos I tried to be the reason for people to make them happy even if it is for a couple of minutes only," he said.
Bhat said recently, he got a call from a cancer patient who thanked him for his comic videos,” he said.
 He is one of Young famous Youtuber of the valley. He recently received a silver play button from YouTube for crossing the 1 lakh subscribers mark on his channel, with more than 10 million views he has 1.5lakh subscribers.
The Youtuber claims to earn about Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000 per month from his channel.
“I never thought of my audience getting this big. I feel it’s all because of the hard work that I’ve put in to improve my content,” Musaib said.
“I make prank videos on YouTube for entertainment purposes, not to attack someone personally. My aim is to spread happiness and nothing else.”
Bhat is actually a businessman and making videos on Youtube is just his hobby.
“Online platforms are constantly evolving and one needs to be very adaptive to remain relevant. I still don’t take it as a career. To me this is a hobby and I’ll try to continue it that way. But if a bigger platform hires you, then one can think of making it as a profession,” he said.

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