Must follow for pregnant women
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Must follow for pregnant women

Post by on Thursday, July 8, 2021

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Visit a hospital or a doctor minimum of 4 times.
1st at 12 weeks
2nd at 20 weeks
3rd at 28 weeks
4th at 36 weeks
Remember this is minimum. 
At 1st visit ur care giver will advice some tests, 1st ultrasonography, take ur weight, blood pressure, and other parameters, do risk categorisation ( see weather u have any high risk factor) and 
Prescribe supplements 
At second visit other ultrasonography a detailed one known as anomaly scan to see for any growth defects in baby.
At 28 weeks a routine check up, tests and growth scan.
At 36 weeks assessment for the timing and mode of delivery.
If u have any of these warning symptoms while at home report to hospital or your caregiver
-easy fatigability 
-swelling in feet
-abrupt weight gain
-blurring of vision
Eat healthy, exercise and enjoy the journey of pregnancy
Dr Aamir Lone
Consultant Gynaecologist
J&K Health Department

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