Muslim orphan lost her ‘Sikh godmother’
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Muslim orphan lost her ‘Sikh godmother’

Foster brother cries heart out recalling goodwill slain did for humanity

Post by on Friday, October 8, 2021

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Srinagar, Oct 07: While relatives and friends waited for Supinder Kour’s corpse to reach home in Alochibagh area of Srinagar on Wednesday, her neighbor Showkat Ahmad Dar was inconsolable as unknown gunmen had killed his “foster sister” and along with another teacher in government school at Sangam, Eidgah, early in the day.
Crying his heart out, Dar was yelling, “She would spend part of her salary to raise a Muslim orphan girl.”
Kour (46), who headed the Government Boys Higher Secondary School in Eidgah, Srinagar was shot dead inside the school campus along with another teacher Deepak Chand.   
According to her neighbor Dar, her Sikh neighbor used to spend nearly half of her salary among the needy Muslims.
Dar who lives a few yards away from Kour’s home said that a few years back, Kour was posted at Government Higher Secondary Chanapora wherein she came to know about a Muslim orphan girl who had nobody to take care of.
He said that the minor girl used to be at her aunt’s place but after the latter got married, the orphan girl had no one to take care of her.
Dar shared the details about the orphan girl with Kour who assured him that she will take care of her expenses.
“I suggested to Kour to take the child’s responsibility the way she can handle it. To my surprise, she told me that she will be donating a major chunk of Rs 20,000 from her salary to help the orphan girl.
“Initially, I refused to accept the offer and asked her to accommodate the child at some place. But instead, Kour till date bore the expenses of the child,” recollected the inconsolable 44-year-old Muslim neigbhour.
Kour saw Dar’s family as her own and used to share her grief and sorrow with them.
“She had no one else to share her grief and sorrows with but our family. Every day whenever she used to leave for school, she used to knock on our window pane to inform us that she was leaving for work. Such was our relationship.”
Dar, who works as a lab technician, said, “Every morning, I and Kour’s husband Ramrash Singh would go for a walk together.”
Recalling the good times they shared together, Dar said that a few days back, Kour had seen me wearing the identity card in which my post was written as a manager. “She was so happy to see my designation that she distributed sweets among all the neighbors. My own sister wouldn’t have given me so much love as she used to do.”
He said, “Although, Kour was not my blood sister, we were living like a family. We never allowed our religions to come into our relationship.”
Such was the bonding between the two families, “Whenever Kour and her husband would buy anything for their children, they used to buy the same for our son too,” the neighbor added.
Kour is basically from Sanatnagar and was married here in Alochibagh. She is survived by her 11 years old daughter Jasleen Kour and six-year-old son Jasjit Singh.  

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