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Mumin Khan clinches powerlifting title

Post by on Friday, July 29, 2022

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Srinagar, July 26: The 23-year-old Mumin Khan from Nawabazar Srinagar has won champion of champions’ title of India powerlifting J&K at Gindun stadium here this week.
Khan achieved this feat while lifting 300Kg in Deadlift, 245kg in Squats, and 150kg in Bench while summing up a total of weight of 695kgs.
As per spokesperson, Mumin Khan was declared as winner, while as Ubayd Hafiz has won the first Runner-up while Tabish Ramzan won the second runner-up titles respectively.
As per the spokesperson around 34 powerlifter's from Kashmir in 8 categories comprising of 49 kgs upto 124 kgs have participated in the competition.
During the competition, the competitor's went through Bench Press, Squats, and Deadlift to show their maximum strength.
On the occasion Law Secretary Achal Sethi, Kazli Constructions owner, Tahir Kazli, and owner of skylight, Salman Bhat were the special guests while as India Powerlifting J&K General Secretary Asif Rashid and Tariq Bakshi Chairman, Al-Gazali Educational Institute were the guests of honour.
Interestingly, a sixth class student, Diyaan Kaiser, also took part in the event, and his 90 kilograms of dead lift made many people interested in the game.
Speaking to Rising Kashmir Mumin Khan said that he was happy after winning this title.
"I will keep working hard and make my parents and people of J&K proud of me," he added.

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