Most Covid patients show at least one symptom 2 years after hospitalisation: Study
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Most Covid patients show at least one symptom 2 years after hospitalisation: Study

Post by on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Even after recovering from Covid-19 infection, half of patients, who were admitted to hospital, still have at least one symptom even after two years of catching the infection, a study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine reveals.
The Lancet study which is the longest follow-up study so far has found that patients recovered from Covid-19 tend to be in poorer health two years after the initial infection compared to the general population, indicating some patients need more time to recover fully.
Dr Mir Faisal, a valley-based top Pulmonologist, told Rising Kashmir that people who recovered from Covid are still suffering from some symptoms.
"After recovery from Covid-19, some people in Kashmir have developed respiratory issues and still have symptoms like body aches," he said.
The study was aimed to characterise long-term effects of the infection on the health of hospital survivors and to determine their recovery status.
The researchers assessed 1,192 patients of the Jin Yin-tan Hospital in China’s Wuhan city. The participants included those who had survived and been discharged between January 7, 2020 and May 29, 2020. Their assessment was completed after three follow-up visits.
The team found that regardless of severity of the initial disease, Covid-19 survivors had reported long-term improvements in physical and mental health.
“Eighty-nine per cent of Covid-19 survivors who had a job before the pandemic have returned to their original work, regardless of initial disease severity,” it said.
The proportion of participants reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression dropped significantly from 23 percent during the six-month visit to 12 percent during the two-year visit.
While physical and mental health generally improved over time, the analysis suggests that the Covid-19 patients still tend to have poorer health and quality of life than the general population.
The government of India developed its own National Comprehensive Guidelines for the management of post-Covid sequelae.
 The document sets out detailed techniques to treat post-Covid complications affecting cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, nephrological, neurological and respiratory systems. Several hospitals, both government and private, set up Covid wards to treat persons who complain of what seemed like post-Covid symptoms.

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