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Mental Health Tips for Youth
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Mental Health Tips for Youth

No Health without Mental Health ( Lancet 2007)

Post by on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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No Health without Mental Health ( Lancet 2007) 
1. Play sports, the ones which makes you sweat more, makes you more happy. If you play group sports, it is even merrier. It not only develops physical stamina but also creates a social connectedness. This makes you more cheerful.
2. Avoid junk food and processed foods. Eat in moderation and make sure to burn it as well.
3. Sleep well and sleep during night, don’t change your days into nights.
4. Create and maintain friendships, support your friends when they are in need. Enjoy their success and brace them up in their failures.
5. Pursue your careers, identify your strengths and likings. Don’t be a copy cat. No profession or job is superior or inferior, people make it so. Everyone admires people working honestly in their jobs, be it a good carpenter or a good barber. Likewise everyone hates a bad doctor or a bad engineer. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Doing what you are best in surely guarantees that.
6. Don’t obsess about life goals, instead have a range of possibilities. Pursue them with vigour, enjoy small battles won in the process.
7. With friends and family enjoy serious or intellectual discussions but don’t forget to create lighter moments, crack and enjoy jokes . Humour kindles happiness.
8. Don’t just live for yourself. If you are doing good, share your success . Don’t hoard anything, be it money or clothes, share as much as possible. Do favours just for making people happy. Feel that happiness inside you.
9. If you have faith, it can be a powerful tool to make you happy but exhibition of it does no good .
10. enjoy connectedness of social media but live in real world . Remain connected with happenings in world don’t obsess with news .Dont watch violence, don’t play games with violent themes
Dr. Arshad Hussain 
Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Srinagar ( IMHANS)

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