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Mental Health Benefits Of Decluttering

Post by on Sunday, July 11, 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals to remain confined to their homes, which can be very uncomfortable, stressful, and anxiety-provoking. Feeling lazy or sad or going through an emotional rollercoaster becomes natural and valid during such a period.
Stacking up things that may not be important to one but at the same time provides satisfaction and a sense of belongingness, can also bestrew one’s home as well as the mind. This clutter can lead to major frustration and irritable moods owing to the heaving shelves, cupboards, tables and desks. Most certainly, such clutter can incredibly impact the mind. 
However, the paramount is to focus on what one has control over. Decluttering and cleaning the physical space goes way beyond the beauty to the eye. Whether it may be a messy kitchen top, a cluttered drawer, clothes stacked on a chair, an individual may experience a negative effect of clutter in their day-to-day life. As many objects occupy the space, they navigate their way to get in one’s peace of mind, consequently causing an obstruction to clear thinking, which might increase anxiety, mood swings and even boredom.
Several mental health benefits are associated with cleaning and organizing your space: 
  Gaining control of the surrounding
During this scenario of the pandemic and a health crisis, you may feel as though you have no control over life right now. However, it is extremely empowering to do what you have control over like your environment, which is more crucial now since all of us spend the most time in an enclosed space. This process will be liberating in every sense.
 Cleaning and organizing are correlated with a decrease in stress and anxiety. A cluttered or messy area can be seen as chaotic and an incomplete task, whether consciously or subconsciously, which can add to unnecessary stress. The process of wiping down your desk counter, making your bed, going through the clutter, taking out the trash, washing the dishes and feeling the warm water, dusting the shelves can lead to a very blissful, meditative state. Studies suggest that a clean bed contributes to a better and more peaceful sleep
Increase in efficiency
It might feel more energetic on a clean and clear desk and may also feel like trying new things in your kitchen when your surroundings are organized.
Heightened Focus and Attention Span
There are numerous studies that have proven that clutter can make it remarkably more difficult to focus on a particular task, especially if it overwhelms your visual field. Decluttering provides a refreshed mental state.
      Mood Upliftment
As the process of cleaning is done a sense of newness and excitement might take over you. This process may lead to an increased level of satisfaction and positive energy to be more productive.
Clearing the mess can benefit your physical as well as mental health, self-esteem and cognitive capabilities. After consistent practice, decluttering can make one feel less stressed, less overwhelmed, and more in control. This can therefore elicit some capability and power. When you can think more efficiently and cleanly, it makes you enjoy your surroundings more. 

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