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Mehbooba voices concern over alleged violence against Muslims in country

Says party sees ‘no hope’ in PM Modi’s Jammu speech

Post by on Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Srinagar, April 25: Stating that J&K had extended its hand to a secular India in an expectation that Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christians would live together, former Chief Minister Jammu and Kashmir and Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba on Monday said that nothing like that is happening at the moment as “the largest minority in the country is being bulldozed.” She said that her party did not see any hope in Prime Minister NarendraModi's speech in Jammu, alleging that the BJP-led Centre has pushed the youngsters of Jammu and Kashmir towards “despondency”.
Mehbooba Mufti made these comments while speaking to the media at party headquarters in Srinagar. She said Muslims are feeling “suppressed.”
While strongly reacting to the remarks by the Prime Minister NarendraModi on youth of J&K, Mehboobasaid that PM Modi is talking about the future of those J&K youth who are now being jailed under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) to preclude their chances of getting bail.  
“Which future about the youth they are talking about, the jobs belonging to J&K are being given to outsiders, our minerals resources, wine contracts in Jammu are being given to outside contractors, our land is on sale,” she said.
Mehbooba further said that to encourage the sale of the land in J&K, fifty percent of stamp duty has been reduced. 
Lashing out at the administration she said that Jammu and Kashmir gives electricity to the whole country while it remains under darkness.
“Factories and households across the whole country are illuminated with the electricity which is produced from J&K in return we are being pushed into darkness, as one can see that even in this holy month of Ramazan we don’t have electricity even at Sehri or Iftari”, she said.
She said rather than providing jobs people are being sacked from their jobs, and employment is as high as 25 percent. Under these circumstances what should we expect when just outside the residence of the PM there is such a situation in Jahangirpuri where houses of people are being bulldozed and Supreme Court orders are being violated, she said.
In response to a question over the remarks by the union home minister Amit Shah on holding of assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir, she said that they have not been apprised about anything regarding elections yet.

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