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Meet young authors who are passionate about writing

Post by on Sunday, August 29, 2021

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Lubna Reshi spoke to young authors Ghufran Hussain and Amir who became authors at a young age. Ghufran is a full time medical student at Iran University of Medical Sciences and born and brought up in Bahrain. She takes interest in genres of science-fiction and crime-thriller. Amir is more interested in interviewing people and writing about them. Let us know more about them. 
Gufran Hussain
Tell us something about yourself?
My name is Ghufran Hussain. I am a 20-year-old author of the book “Isotope”. Besides being a writer I am a full-time medical student at Iran University of Medical Sciences. I am the founder of the page, http://beyondtheblog.co/.  I take interest in various creative fields as well.
When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?
I must have been in grade one when I wrote my first poem on a fictional character which was published in our yearly school magazine. At age 10, I wrote another poem which again got published, this time my friends and classmates appreciated my work. For a 10-year-old it was a big deal, and that was the time I started writing occasionally. I had my first major breakthrough in grade 10 when I had taken keen interest in poetry and one of my teachers noticed and guided me in various aspects of literature. It was in that year I became the editor of my school magazine. I wrote poems on mental health and started a page on Instagram. Eventually, I realised that I really enjoyed what I did so writing became a part of me.
What do you do apart from writing?
Besides being a writer, I am a medical student at Iran University of Medical Sciences. I also practice different forms of art such as painting, dancing, crocheting etc.
What was your first book about and when did you pen it down?
My first book was a crime-thriller which for some reason I didn’t publish. I must have been 15-year-old when I wrote it. As writers, insecurities are common I believe, especially if our works are really personal. Some of my poetry was really close to me, hence I hesitated to post them or publish them anywhere. My mother constantly asks me to continue writing even on days when I felt like giving up. This pandemic has actually made me a lot more insecure about my work, knowing that there are people who can relate to my work was a major factor in publishing my work.
How long did it take you to write this book?
This book took me about three months to complete it. I had just completed schooling and my entrance exam when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. I had more than enough time to do day-to-day activities and I felt I shouldn’t waste it, so I began the journey of writing down “Isotope”. I wrote short stories and poems, on anything and everything. The pandemic had started right when my schooling was over. It was starting to become a hard time for me, to adapt to the whole lockdown situation and I thought this was the right time for me to publish my work and keep myself engaged. So I began writing ‘Isotope’.
How did you get it published?
Writing is not the major part, it is publishing, editing, proofreading, formatting and all the processes a book has to go through which is the hard part. After I completed the writing process, I began to look for cover page designers, editors and proofreaders and I was lucky enough to find an already published poetess Fatima Saleem as the editor of my book and cover page designer- Teesha Suvarna. And then I came across an international publisher ‘2nimble’ which published my work.
Was it easy going or a difficult task?
Nothing in this world comes easy to anyone, so definitely it was a hassle and cumbersome process. I remember struggling to write certain scenes and it would make me feel unworthy. Even after the writing part was completed I would re-read my work to make sure that everything was perfect. Thankfully I had the strongest woman- my mother- on my side who supported me throughout this journey.
Tell us something about your book.
‘Isotope’ is a sci-fi novel based on a 20 year old girl, Ava Williams who was an electrical engineer at Acromatt United. An accident at work resulted in her being sent to an alternate dimension where she tries to find her way back to earth. She meets a few friends from earth along the way and together they discover a way to go back home, when Ava realizes that the mannerisms of people towards her had changed and the society was hostile. This results in her going back to the Isotope and find ways to survive in that alternate reality.
What genre do you like to read and who's your favourite writer?
To be honest, I have wild imaginations that can literally create multiple worlds in my head. Just the fact that I can put out my wild thoughts in the form of a story makes it crazy. The fact that I am able to make my readers experience the thought process in my head is simply amazing.
American Gods, The Time Traveller's Wife, and Maze Runner are some of my favourite sci-fi books. I am not a fan of the authors of this genre but yes Khaled Hosseini is the author I love. I adore his books; I think his works have impacted many around the globe.
In general I love fiction, Crime-thrillers, science-fiction and horror.
How has been the feedback?
I have received love and blessings from a lot of people, the book Alhamdulillah is doing pretty good too. ‘Isotope’ is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and some bookstores in GCC. It is also available as ebook for my readers.
 As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
As a child I always wanted to be a doctor, and I have never diverted from my path to being a doctor. Growing up I was introduced to many other things that I as well enjoyed, and always thought I would be everything I want and I would have people laugh at me telling me a master of all would mean a master of none. 
But my mother has been my backbone, she was the one who introduced me to literature and told me that I could always be anything and everything if I work hard for it. So today I am a medical student, a writer, psychology student and a speaker for mental health.
JS Amir 
When did you start writing? 
I was in ninth class, when I started writing some poems in Kashmiri language, I thought it is better to express different views and opinions in poems. Then after some time I started writing in both English and Urdu languages. When I qualified my 10th standard, I realized that I wanted to be a writer.
What other things do you do? 
As of now, I am a student of B.A. (Honours) Political Science at DAV College, Amritsar.  Apart from writing, I am organiser and host of the live talk show "Guftagu" on Instagram. I am also content creator and run my YouTube channel as JS AMIR
What was your first book about and when did you pen it down? 
I have published my first anthology "The Silent Waves" and it got published in August 2021.'The Silent Waves' is a book that comprises more than fifty writers who poured down their thoughts in the form of verses. The writings in the book capture different aspects of life. It revolves around longing, love, lost, living, hunger, reality, compassion, grief, suffering and many other related factors. 
How long did it take you to write this book?
It took me around two months to compile this anthology. 
How did you get it published?
I worked hard for this anthology. It wasn't much difficult task. One hindrance that came was that I didn't get support from family. But I managed to get it published anyhow. 
Tell us something about your book. 
 'The Silent Waves' captures the different perspectives of life. It moves around longing, love, lost, living, hunger, reality, compassion, grief, suffering and many related aspects of mankind. Chuck Palahniuk has rightly said, "We all die. The goal isn't to live forever; the goal is to create something that will."
This book also runs from the level of imagination and gives a gentle touch to romanticism. All the writers have profoundly proven their passion towards writing; they have made every single attempt to make this book a piece of literature. Therefore, this anthology is going to awake inner consciousness of the readers. 
How many books have you written? 
As of now, yet I haven't published any solo book, but I have participated in many anthologies like, Dawning Dusks, The Society, The Drowned Ink, The Alluring Bond, Hiraeth, Ravaged Souls and many more. 
How has been the feedback? 
I got good feedback from various sections of society especially I got good response from my teachers and well wishers. 
What was your aim while growing up? 
Since my childhood, I wanted to become a writer. I was in 6th class when I tried my best to compose a "Naat Sharif".

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