Meet Syed Misba, a young motovlogger inspiring women to break down barriers
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Meet Syed Misba, a young motovlogger inspiring women to break down barriers

Post by on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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Syed Misba was in her early teens when she was fascinated by bikes and dreamt of riding a bike to explore different places. When she told his cousin to teach him bike riding, he took it as a joke. Little did he know that this strong headed girl will be riding the roads one day.
Misba hails from Srinagar district and claims to be Kashmir's first motovlogger. She said that her vlogs are all about travelling on bikes and exploring places. She believes that females should break stereotypes and do what they love.
Currently in 11th standard, she is a gutsy rider and rides all kinds of bikes from Pulsar to Enfield.
In learning bike riding, what helped her was that she was already good at riding a scooter.
“Initially I struggled a lot as I got a lot of negative comments, but my parents always supported me,” she said.
“I got demotivated by people’s comments but my parents always supported me and that is what kept me going.
“We can do wonders if provided with support and encouragement,” she added.
After vlogging for over three years now, she says the mentality of people has changed and now she is getting a good response from people.  “When I am on a bike, it feels very good and empowered. People see me and they get amazed,” she said.
She has started her gym routine as well to handle the heavy bikes. “Persistence is key; with patience and consistency one can handle any situation in life. With focus, you can do everything.”
In the coming months, she has decided to go on a solo trip to Ladakh and other Himalayan regions and make more vlogs. “I would focus on more vlogs. I have a YouTube channel too with a good number of subscribers. Also, I want to learn some stunts while observing the safety measures.”
She aspires to be a top motovlogger and earn a name for herself.

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