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Meet Shafiya Shafi: Valley’s first Mural artist

Post by on Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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Rising Kashmir’s City Correspondent Aatif Qayoom has a brief chat with Kashmir’s first mural artist, ShafiyaShafi, from Lal Bazar Srinagar, a famous artist on social media. Here is what the first mural artist has to say.
How did you discover your talent for this art? 
I have had an interest in this art since I was a child. I always take part in school-level painting competitions. After starting college, I participated in every competition that was taking place at the institution. In maximum competitions, I was the top performer. I was dealing with some issues at the time, and painting helped me get through them. With time, I have started other forms of art along with painting. I cannot say I am perfect in every form, but I still tried other forms like mural painting.

How do you balance your studies and time for the art?
When you are interested in any work, whatever you do in a day is reflected in the evening. Some people like to maintain a daily diary. Similarly, for me, it is painting.Whatever I do during the day, I workon the paintings in the evenings and it also gives me mental peace.
Do you have your studio?
As of now, I do not have any separate studios. But I have turned my room into a mini studio. Creating a studio now would require a lot of capital. But, you never know, the future will be better and I hope a beautiful studio is on the cards.
From where do you get the orders?
I get orders from all over India. Sometimes I also get orders from outside India. As far as monthly orders are concerned, there is no exact figure. because I also work in a school and have never counted the orders. I am happy with this art and am also earning a good amount from it. I do work for individuals who are looking for home decor and for art shops. I am careful about picking assignments as I am working in a school and I want to be well-organized before I fully get indulged in art.
How is family support and what about your hardships?
Without family support, nothing can be achieved. My family supported me from day one. At some moment they raised concern after I changed my subjects in college. But in the end, they let me go with my choice.  
In the initial stage, people around me were criticizing my work by saying I was wasting my time. I never paid any attention to them. At present, they find my work beautiful and are curious about the meaning behind each of them.
 Who is your inspiration?
Life is a big inspiration for me.  Time can teach you what no one can teach you. For me, the role model or inspiration remained my experience. Whatever I am today it is because of my experiences. As such, there is no human being role model for me in this field.
Is there a message for the youth?
My message to young people will be to build themselves so their mental health won’t affect. Especially if girls become independent, no force can push them back. A girl’s independence at presentis needof an hour. 

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