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Meet Omar Rather:A famous Kashmiri food blogger

Post by on Sunday, July 31, 2022

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Srinagar, July 29: Food blogging/Vlogging is a newlyintroduced genre where many people talk and present every detail of food varieties to the audience who are food lovers.
Omar Rather, 28-year-old is a famous food blogger from Srinagar. He has anInstagram page with the name ‘Food Gram’ where he uploads videos of almost every type of food including Wazwan and street food.
The fame and success of Food Gram can be judged by the that Rather’s page got featured in Forbes Magazine and has a 92k following on his Instagram page.
The curiosity to explore different varieties of food has led Rather travel through the length and breadth of the valley. His page stands testimony to the fact he has almost covered every area of the valley and has presented the varieties from different places.
Interesting about Rather is that he brings every possible variety to the screens but he has never shown his face there while vlogging the food varieties. People just know him by his voice only. 
Detailing how he came to become a food blogger, he said that during his childhood, he used to help his mother in the kitchen. “I know all the recipes, about the ingredients that we add to vegetables.”
Helping his mother in the kitchen developed his interest in knowing about the food varieties.  Also, he once met a food blogger in New Delhi, who told him that Kashmir has just one cusine to show and nothing else. 
A passionate food lover! This statement led him to the streets of the valley to document the mouthwatering food delicacies.  
In 2017,Rather uploaded his first video of barbecues on Insta.The first video was liked by many people and he got positive comments and appreciation from the people.
Rather has his fair share of struggles,courtesy internet shutdown to keep his audience up to date with new varieties. 
What acted as a boost for him to pursue food blogging and vlogging was a call from Maryam H Reshi, a renowned food critic. She said that the content he creates on his page brings it to the next level. “She said I have never seen such content of Kashmir cuisine anywhere.”
“I received very much appreciation from her and this was the turning point of my life since that day I kept going and never stopped myself,” Rather said.
“MarryamReshi has been writing about food and lifestyle for the last 30 years. She is the Times of India food critic and also an independent writer on cuisine for the last seven years she has been working on the time's food guide for Delhi.”
Adding more details, he said that “I met my friend who is also a famous food blogger of India who is famous with the name “Dil Se Foodie” told me that you have covered full Kashmir food and now explore other states of India.” Since that day hestarted exploring other states too. 
The first video outside Kashmir he shot was in Jammu where he uploaded the video of Jammu food and it was an instant hit with 31.3 million views on Instagram and still its viewsare increasing.
Rather has now collaborated with famous bloggers from the country like Dil Se Foodie, Bhookhasand, Zest and Zing, Hyderabad food diaries, Kunal Vijaygar and many others.
Rather said that from the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel management “Food Gram” got special recognition for his contribution to the heritage walk and got the license to travel with the people for the food tour.
Rather has also done several collaborations with many brands in Kashmir like P-Mark, Amazon prime, Taj, Grand Lalit, and four lights by Sheraton for every 5-star property.
“I have covered the food of Jalandhar, Amritsar, Mohali, Jammu, Chandigarh and Delhi. In future, I will cover more states.”
Rather now eyes to travel the world and document all types of foods. 

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