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Meet Faheem Bhat, a software engineer turned author

Post by on Sunday, August 8, 2021

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A Gen z kid and hence a digital native, Faheem Bhat was cajoled to software engineering after completing his secondary education. Faheem got admission in an engineering college and started his journey of programming at an early age. Just six months into the course, the somehow ostentatious nature of the subject took away the zeal from the kid to continue his once dream course of software engineering. A voracious reader since his childhood, with a taste in philosophy and classical literature, Faheem felt a calling. While his colleagues were preparing for the mid-semester exams, Faheem forethought of a discrete ensuing future. He finally answered the calling of his soul; he left the course and started writing his debut book ‘wandering for love’ at the age of 17.
“When I got into the engineering school, I felt a strange repulsion. The more I tried to fit myself, the more inapt I became. I finally left the course and started writing my first book. 
“The book is about Fenin, a reckless young man, and the journey of his transformation from a carefree person to one who loses his faith in reality. Fenin becomes detached from everyone upon rejection from a girl and finds solace in books. He becomes obsessed with them and reads about fictitious worlds all day. This behaviour of Fenin makes his parents worried. One day, all of a sudden, he finds himself living the life he always wanted. His life becomes a fairy tale, and he enjoys every second of it,” Faheem said. 
While the book was well-received by the audience and received an overwhelming response, with no self-publishing house functional in the valley, Faheem was dragged from pillar to post to get his book published.  
“When I wrote my first book, there were hardly any local writers out there. The success of my book encouraged many youngsters to take the path. Many young people approached me to enquire how to publish their books. At that time I sensed the struggle, a commoner goes through to get his work published. So, I thought of starting a self-publishing house to meet the demand of the writers. After contemplating over it for some time, I gave shape to my thoughts and intentions and came up with Kashmir’s first self-publishing house- Lieper Publications,” Faheem said. 
Just few years being operational, Lieper publications have published thousands of books. With a tagline of ‘we turn writers into Authors’, Lieper publications under Faheem’s leadership is proving out to be saviour for many budding authors, whose talent else would have been lost in oblivion.  
“The decision to start a publishing house in Kashmir was an enormous challenge. Though the publishing market remained unexplored, I along with my team faced a lot difficulties including lack of infrastructure but we stood firm on our beliefs and today we are the leading publishing house of Kashmir. We have not only served writers from Kashmir but we are every now and then approached by people outside the valley who want their work to be published,” Faheem said.
“With a team of professionals, we offer hassle-free end-to-end publishing services to writers. Our publishing framework allows the author to be in control of every step in the process.
 We also provide an array of different packages to suit the needs of the writer,” Faheem added.
With a hyperactive social media presence, Lieper publication is efficiently catering to the needs of budding writers. Being propelled to fame and same in just a few years, the future seems equally bright for the publication. 
 “There is a lot to achieve in the publishing field.  In our new endeavour, we at Lieper publications want to channelize our energy and time to revolutionize books and the reading culture and bring it up to date with the current times, mix it up with the technology which makes it more appealing and cooler to the modern-day person who prefers everything to be neat and efficient,” Faheem said. 

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