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Meet Basit, Kulgam's solo adventurer

Post by on Monday, July 18, 2022

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How people do it now and then - trekking all day long through mountains and forests. A Kulgam man has kept one whole day of every week for the trekking of new adventures.
Basit Zargar, a 25-year man who hails from Kulgam town is the only adventurer who discovered new salubrious places in the district. Many places in the lap of Pir Panjal range were unexplored, Basit's trek to these places brought them into the eyes of people who love to go trekking. Basit is said to be the only solo adventurer in the district whose passion doesn’t stop him from going to forests even in the harsh winters.
Basit is now an experienced mountaineer who would help as a volunteer to the local administration in reaching out to nomads in the hour of adverse circumstances. In the recent inclement weather, numerous pastoral nomads were in distress at Kausar Nag, he headed one relief team and after trekking 30 kilometers in two days the teams reached the families in distress.
I was a child when I went to the forests, my father was in the forest department and he would take me with him many times. Even I would spend weeks in the forest that developed a passion in me and I would have to say that I belong halfway to the forest," Basit said Rising Kashmir. Being alumni of the army goodwill school, it's a privilege to be good at extracurriculars, they teach you all this stuff, Basit said. He’s been trekking since 2013 when there was hardly anyone to go trekking with. He said, "Trekking back, I would like to upload videos and photos on social media that inspire many other trekkers to these places."
He has so far trekked meadows like Kadlabal, Zagimarg, Hakwas, Khudpathri, Kongwattan and alpine likes like Brahmasar, Chirsar, Indrasar and mountains like Sundartop, Mangnard, Trajan and many other forest areas of Kulgam district.
Basit says his message to the youth is to shun the path of drugs and join him in the journey of adventures and become nature lovers, which will surely give them solace.


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