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Maternity Hospital Gandhi Nagar Govt Medical College Jammu Celebrated 8th International Yoga Day

Post by on Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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Jammu, June 21: In this session, the staff members and students were demonstrated special yoga techniques for especially Post COVID recovery both Physical and Mental.
The programme was organised under the guidance of Respected Principal ??roff (??r.)Shashi Sudan Sharma and supervision of Dr Arun Sharma, Medical Superintendent, MCH Gandhi Nagar Jammu.
The programme began with Dhanvantari Vandana, followed by the Yoga Asanas for the covid appropriate management and recovery procedures.
The asanas were demonstrated by Dr Manju Chauhan, Dr Shirali& Dr Davinder all Ayurvedicdoctors and yoga experts.
The Highlights of the event included Bhramri Pranayama for respiratory health and Immunity Boosting, Purvauttanasana for muscle tone and laughter therapy for stress relief.
Yoga is a holistic approach to India's ancient culture for the unity of body, mind, thoughts and action.
Yoga is not only an asana but also a very ancient method of improving physical and mental health. Therefore, international Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June every year to tell the importance of yoga and to spread awareness about yoga to the people.
Every year Yoga Day also has a unique theme. Similarly, a theme has been set in the year 2022 as well. Its name is “YOGA FOR HUMANITY.” This time Yoga Day will be celebrated worldwide based on this theme. India has given yoga to the world; that is why India is also called Yoga Guru. The right to choose the theme of Yoga Day goes to the Ministry of AYUSH of India. This year, the Indian Ministry of AYUSH has selected the theme of Yoga Day to be organized worldwide. Due to India's persistent efforts, the United General Assembly declared 21 June as World Yoga Day in 2014. After this, from the year 2015, on 21st June, Yoga Day started being celebrated all over the world. India is the father of yoga, and this program will continue continuously as the history of yoga in India is thousands of years old.
This is the biggest reason for celebrating Yoga Day on 21st June. June 21 is the longest day out of 365 days of the year. Due to this, the maximum light of the Sun falls on the Northern Hemisphere on 21 June. Therefore, on June 21, sunrise is early, and sunset is late. Therefore, the energy emanating from the sun on this day is highly effective and is supposed to increase positivity.

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