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Manjit Singh accuses NHAI of acting like ‘East India Company’ in Samba

Post by on Sunday, August 7, 2022

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Vijaypur, Aug 06: Accusing the NHAI of acting like “East India Company” in Samba District, Apni Party provincial president Jammu and former Minister, Manjit Singh Saturday demanded adequate compensation in uniform pattern to all the land owners on Jammu-Pathankot Highway and its adjoining revenue villages by the NHAI.
The official spokesperson said that while addressing a party worker’s meeting at Vijaypur, Manjit Singh expressed his serious concern over the waywardness of the NHAI authorities towards the people whose businesses and houses have come under the proposed project of the National Highway Authority of India.
He said that the people are not against the development and widening work or construction of the highway but the way NHAI has adopted an attitude is questionable and highly objectionable as it has snatched bread and butter from many families by snatching their commercial / business establishments with a minimum amount as compensation.
“The NHAI should have offered uniform compensation to the land owners in every village. They have offered different amounts of compensation to different revenue villages within a distance of 3 to 4 to 5 kms which is unfair to the people as the land has equal market value. The amount which is being offered to the owners is very less in comparison to market value of the land and it must be enhanced and the payment must be given in one go. The people have complained that the NHAI has offered only 50% of the payment and then they force the land owners to vacate the land for their work,” he said.
He said, “There is anger among the people against the injustice and they have decided to come on the roads in protest against the authorities concerned if their demand of equal payment at par with market value is not given to the land owners.”
Meanwhile, he also discussed various other developmental issues of the people and assured them that he will highlight them before the concerned authorities.

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