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Manjeet Singh urges party workers to enhance their pol activities, public outreach

Post by on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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Jammu, Aug 02: Apni Party’s provincial president Jammu Manjit Singh Tuesday urged the party workers to enhance their political activities and public outreach to ensure the general masses are conscious of the people-friendly agenda of the party. He was addressing a workers’ meeting in Jammu today.
According to a press statement issued here, Manjit Singh while addressing party workers and functionaries said, “Unlike the traditional political parties in Jammu and Kashmir, Apni Party has an unambiguous agenda and clear-cut policies for a better future of J&K and its people. We do not make fake promises to the people, nor do we indulge them in emotional politics and unachievable goals. Our agenda is very candid. We are working for the peace, prosperity, and development of Jammu and Kashmir.”
“The peace, prosperity, and development of J&K people would eventually ensure political and economic empowerment of its people. This is what we believe and what we promise to our people.”
Urging party workers to work hard to strengthen the party at the grass-roots level, Manjit Singh said, “You must understand that people are fed up with the emotional slogans of the traditional political parties and they understand that these parties have been using them as scapegoats for their political and electoral gains. Thus, the common people are attracted to the Apni Party as they consider it an alternative in the present political scenario of J&K. It is our duty to ensure the masses are well aware of our ideologies and agenda. People must know that the Apni Party stands for sustained peace, durable prosperity and the Development of J&K, and political and economic empowerment of its people.”

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