Man Vs Wild
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Man Vs Wild

Post by on Thursday, August 4, 2022

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This year we have been witnessing an increase in the number of attacks by wild animals in the UT. These attacks have caused several human fatalities and critically injuring many people. Besides attacks on human populations, the wild animals are also attacking livestock making life of the people more troublesome.  In the past few months many incidents of man-animal conflicts have been reported particularly from the North Kashmir areas. In a recent incident on 31 July, a five-year-old boy was mauled to death by a leopard in Monabal village of Langate in north Kashmir's Handwara. Many experts are of the opinion that man-animal conflicts have gone up due to the shrinking habitat of wildlife species. The number of animals has witnessed a drastic decline as the people have extended their households near the areas which were the habitats of the animals. Also, many of the wildlife areas remain unfenced and even soil mining activities are being undertaken near them. Wildlife department must step up its efforts to minimize the threat to human population and make thorough study as why such conflicts are happening in the first place. Protecting the wildlife species and warding off the incidents of the attacks on people should be the priority of the government. But unfortunately unlike the other sectors, wildlife has not received the due government attention in the past. Many a times the wildlife officials lack the proper equipments to deal with the incidents of man-animal conflict and there is also a shortage of manpower. But in the wake of the heavy damages to property and the loss of lives, it is incumbent on the government to devise a policy to protect the habitat of the wildlife species and to ensure that lives are not lost. A comprehensive policy that envisages equipping the staff, creation of proper infrastructure within the protected areas and increasing the protected area network as well as stringent measures to prohibit poaching is direly needed. Moreover checks on the constructions around the wildlife areas need to be ensured so that the habitat of the animals is not disturbed. By simple logic, when the natural habitat of wild animals gets obstructed by any sorts of human intervention, the animals grow restless and wander down into the human inhabitations.  Man-animal conflict has greater ramifications. It is not just a case of accidents happening too often; it is a matter of survival of life.

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