Low Back Ache
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Low Back Ache

Post by on Saturday, September 25, 2021

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We all have low back ache at some point in our lives. Some of us have it very often while others get it rarely. Our lower back starts right where the rib cage ends. The tissues here include the vertebra, discs, muscles, nerves , ligaments and tendons. 
Any of these can cause low back ache.
Low back ache may be a dull ache or a shooting pain that goes down the buttocks and back of thigh. If it involves loss of control on the bladder( one can't control urination) or bowels it needs emergency hospitalisation.  Pain lasting more than 3 months is considered chronic pain.
Low back ache is most commonly caused by strain of the back muscles, a herniated disc or sciatica. 
Low back ache can be due to poor posture, lack of exercise,  a herniated or bulging disc. Some chronic conditions like spinal stenosis in which the spinal canal gets tight with aging, ankylosing spondylitis,  fibromyalgia and spodylolisthehsis can cause LBA. In some,  a urinary tract infection can cause pain whereas in some it may be a symptom of a tumour. A doctor may order an X ray, CT scan, MRI to reach a diagnosis.  However,  most cases of LBA are benign and can be treated easily.
The most important thing is to maintain a healthy body weight and a good posture. Lift weights with caution to prevent muscle sprain. Do not, i repeat, do not take bed rest for more than a day or two max. Use ice in acute injury and use a heating psd thereafter. In an acute phase,  the doctor will prescribe a painkiller medication and a muscle relaxant. You should do back strengthening exercises and see a physiotherapist. Massages, chiropractic procedures, acupuncture all help and you should see what works for you. Some injections of steroids ate also given in severe cases at the site of pain. Surgery is usually the last option..

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