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Lala Sheikh: Kashmir’s oldest tea room

Post by on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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Srinagar, July 25:  Once known for its bakery items, the Lala Sheikh Café has now become the iconic restaurant in Srinagar. The restaurant was set up in 1890 on the Residency Road.
Presently, fourth generation of Lala Sheikh that include three brothers namely Sheikh Altaf, Sheikh Javeed and Sheikh mehboob Ali are running the shop.
Lala Mohammad Sheikh, a young man from the Budgam village of Handjan, founded it in 1890.
The Shop is located near Bund region. There weren't many stores nearby. Initially, local shopkeepers were Lala Sheikh's first clients.
Sheikh Altaf, who owns the restaurant, said that several people visit here now for its famous cup of tea with flavorful chicken patties.
He said, with over a century of service to its name, Lala Sheikh was the founder of the shop. Notably, Lala Sheikh gained its reputation quite early as it became famous for its bakery and it was well-known for it.
Abdul Majid, a cousin of Altaf Sheikh, said that the bakery was very famous for its pastries and chicken patties and several people visited their shop, especially since there lived an English governor at the Residency. They loved their bakery. Politicians and foreigners come here because they get a taste of the bakery from this shop.
Mehraj, a regular customer, stated that he has been coming here for 15 years because of the delicious food and that everyone should visit this restaurant to have a taste of this century-old eatery.
Visitors to the café are mostly journalists, social workers, students, book lovers, writers, academicians, and others.
Lala Sheikh has served many people across countries who visit their shops and also get gold in return. Today it serves a number of cups of tea every day and people love it very much, said Mehraj, a regular customer.
Well, a lot of people wanted to know about Kashmir’s oldest tea room.
In addition, the restaurant has witnessed some of the fiercest literary and political discussions in Kashmir. "

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