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Kulgam village gets electricity after 7 decades

We are thankful to Central Government, DC Kulgam: Locals

Post by on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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A remote village in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district got electricity after 70 years and the village was fully electrified recently.
As per locals, they were suffering badly in absence of electricity all these years.
Dardgund is a village on the east of Kulgam town, a distant and uphill area at 15 kilometres from district headquarters.
“We used to burn the things we get from forests for lighting and under it, our children would study for hours," said Muneer Ahmad.
He said many children in this rural vicinity would leave their education midway citing the lack of basic facilities.
Another local Mukhtar Ahmad said majority of the people in the village would light decades-old lanterns for lighting their homes.
"The primary victim of lack of basic facilities had been the education of children," he said.
Mukhtar said, “with the compelition of the electrification of this village after 70 long years, our long pending demand and availability of basic need stands resolved.”
Mohd Yousuf, Assistant Executive Engineer (PDD), Qazigund said, “Around 110 households have been electrified in the remote area. Six electricity transformers have been installed in several small hamlets in this village," he said.
Rural electrification, under central sponsored schemes like Prime Minister's Development Package (PMDP) and Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS), has proved a boon for rural areas, it has removed many barriers in the way to progress towards development.
A local said, “The light in the bulbs is for the first time, ever since the electricity was discovered here.” People have celebrated the moments and this development in a very uphill area is a dream come true, he added.
Six transformers that have been installed are 63 KV's at, Maldar, Arr Ward, Tasrar A, Tasrar B, Ghir Khud A, and Ghir Khud B in the village of DardgundSopat, Kulgam.
Under rural electrification, J&K is achieving goals in quick succession.

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