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Anaemia (Lack of Blood) is not the actual disease but it is a condition caused by some other underlying medical illnesses.
1. Drugs given for acidity (Acid Peptic Disease) like Proton pump inhibitors prevent iron absorption from gut. 
2. Use of Aspirin & NSAID can cause chronic invisible  to frank blood losses.
3. Haemorrhoids, Piles secondary to chronic constipation etc. can cause mild to severe blood loss.
4.Steriods Valproic acid even Amoxicillin causes vitamin B12 deficiency. 
4. Habitual of having tea in excess ( Tannin in Tea) causes deceased absorption of Iron.
5. Cooking in iron pots & pans do increase iron in diet.
6.For Vegetarians there is a hope too through green leafy vegetables as non heme iron although bio-availability is less.
7. Dried fruits Apricots, Raisins, peaches, Nuts contain iron.
8. Fresh fruits, Apples,Pomegranate,Grapes (Red, Green, Black) all are rich in iron.
9. Vitamin C helps in iron absorption
10. For Non-vegetarians Sources are Red meat, Egg yolk, Liver, Spleen etc.
11. Iron supplements be given at bed time to overcome side effects. 
12.1mg/day is iron  lost & same amount is required per day.
13. One 100 grams apple provides 0.6mg iron
14. Early weaning is required to overcome iron deficiency anemia in children.
15. Milk, Cheeze, curd doesn't contain iron.
16. Bone marrow Apiration and biopsy is indicated in rarest cases where cause is not known or secondary to chronic infections.
17. Serum iron studies will help in diagnosis & differentiate type of Anaemia & serum Ferritin is most important indicator for iron deficiency anemia.
18.Hypothyroidism, malabsorption also related to anaemia.
19. B12 & Folic acid deficiency can be diagnosed by their blood levels.
20.Thalassaemia minor doesn't require blood transfusion oftenly.
21.Jaggrey is the richest sorurce of iron.
22. Never forget 100 days iron pill in every pregnancy.
23.During physiological blood losses during routine menstruation 30mg iron is lost & must be replaced by elemental iron at least 10days a month.
Dr. Javed Iqbal , 
Senior Haematologist

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