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KEA hold mask distribution, Covid awareness road campaign

Post by on Friday, August 12, 2022

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Srinagar,Aug 11; Amid the rise in the graph of Covid cases in Jammu and Kashmir,  Kashmir Economic Alliance has launched a mask awareness campaign in Srinagar.
Trade bodies affiliated with the Kashmir Economic Alliance distributed masks to commuters, passers-by, motorcyclists, shopkeepers and students in the city while urging them to follow the Covid-19 proper behavior guidelines.  They urged the shopkeepers and transporters to use precautionary measures to avoid covid in order to control the disease.
 On this occasion, Co-Chairman of Kashmir Economic Alliance Farooq Ahmad Dar told reporters that the traders, and shopkeepers have already been  losses  to the tune of over Rs 50,000 crore. He said that after last 3 years now when it seemed that the covid situation is improving and business activities will pick up, the increase in covid cases in Srinagar and other districts is alarming.
He said,“In future, masks will be distributed in hospitals in Srinagar, and awareness will be given to people that Covid is not over yet and they should take precautionary measures as per Covid guidelines.” 
He urged them to follow the proper Covid-19 behavior and guidelines. He said that traders cannot afford another lockdown and only adopting and implementing precautionary measures is the key to avoid the lockdown. He also urged the administration to mobilize officers and staff to ensure compliance with the guidelines regarding Covid as the slightest carelessness can lead to loss of life and property. Secretary Arshad Ahmed Bhat, Alliance Leader Haji Nisar, Ashfaq Ahmed, Umar Javed, Tariq  Ahmed and others joined the programme.

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