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Kashmir's first Yoga national champion aspires to build stress-free society, make India proud

Post by on Thursday, July 28, 2022

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Shah Parihaan Peerzada, a yoga exponent from Bandipora, is the first Yoga national champion from Kashmir valley and is aiming to build a stress-free society and make India proud by taking part in international competitions.  
Parihaan, 18, is in her second year of graduation and she has been practicing yoga for the past eleven years on her own. “I used to watch on YouTube how to do meditation and yoga as there was no specialized yoga trainer in Bandipora", she said. 
Parihaan said she was thirteen-years-old when she took part in national Yoga which was held in Chhattisgarh and won accolades there. 
“Yoga is India's tradition. People from abroad come here to learn yoga. Since yoga is our culture, it is our responsibility to take it to the next level.
“We all know that health is wealth so I request everyone to practice yoga for at least an hour a day and keep your health in good condition," Parihaan said. 
"As far as yoga is concerned, I practice for 3 hours every day- between 6 and 9 in the evening. My parents have all along been supportive from yoga to my studies,” she said. 
On World international Yoga Day, Parihaan was invited as female instructor by district administration Bandipora wherein she Instructed district officials to perform yoga and during COVID she was also chosen for delivering online yoga sessions for women in stress. 
Parihaan was six when she started her career in sports. “Initially I started my career in snow skiing and with time I got trained in other categories including martial arts as well", she said. 
She said she did three courses in snow skiing in Gulmarg and then was recommended for competitive skiing. 
Parihaan said she didn't initially receive enough encouragement for yoga. She received a lot of criticism from people who weren't tolerant of yoga when she posted her first experience online. 
"Nevertheless, I was surprised by the support and gratitude I received from all around the country. I have become more tolerant and disciplined due to yoga. I will practice yoga for the rest of my life", she added. 
On being asked about her future plans, Parihaan said, “My aim is to make India proud by promoting yoga, teaching yoga to lakhs of people in a systematic manner and by doing research in the field of yoga. I have planned to take part in international yoga competitions. I wish to create many more records in this field and serve people.”

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