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Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims need to unite against radicalised elements: KPSG

Post by on Sunday, June 19, 2022

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New Delhi, June 18: Kashmir (Policy & Strategy) Group- KPSG headed by a senior Advocate and a distinguished Fellow USI-Ashok Bhan,at an extraordinary meet today has decided to endeavour and facilitate an Intra Kashmiri communities out-reach and dialogue.
There is a dire need for mutual trust and confidence between the communities of same ethnicity namely Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Muslims to build a united fight against the radicalised elements and the terrorism including the new age hybrid terrorists and their OGWs.
The pattern of targeted recent killings of innocent civilians and evoked massive condemnation by political spectrum, the religious and spiritual leaders and the civil society groups demonstrated that the soul of Kashmir and ‘Insaniyat’ is strong and alive in the Valley, Ashok Bhan emphasised.
He further said peace and security is the “sine qua non” for sustainable development in an inclusive society.
Kashmir has been a citadel of pluralism and mutual amity, brotherhood and trust between the communities because primarily the Kashmiri Society comprises of the same ethnicity unlike in rest of the Country. Vast majority of peace loving People of Valley are sick of terrorists violence and yearn to live peaceful life. But the hybrid terror modules existing in the Valley act for the vested interests and their masters from across to thrive on terror industry. People are the real stakeholders for peace therefore necessity for unity of all the communities to exert the inclusive socio-political narrative and isolate the radical fringe elements.
The Convenor, Dr MM Ansari a former Official Kashmir Interlocutor,said that it is unfortunate Kashmir a heaven on earth is back in the grip of death and destruction at the hands of hybrid terrorists violence.All the well meaning peace activists have been working hard for peace and peaceful life for the people of the Valley.All Kashmiris have a vested interest and a huge stake in peace.Therefore intra community unity becomes imperative for a United effort to save Kashmir from further death &destruction.Ansari-urged the LG Manoj Sinha to engage with the civil society and the stakeholders and help the intra communities dialogue process initiatives by our NGO and other concerned groups.

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