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Jammu is the next target of communal violence, warns BJP leader

Post by on Saturday, April 30, 2022

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Jammu, April 29: Expressing concern over the happenings in different parts of the country in recent past to include the riots on or before Ram Navmi including the Hijab row, spokesperson J&KBJP, Brig Anil Gupta Friday said that these events are part of the toolkit conspiracy which aims at provoking communal riots in the country to defame the Modi government. 
In a statement, he further said that after failing repeatedly to defeat the BJP through ballot, the disgruntled opposition has taken recourse to bullets, stone pelting, arson and swords. 
“Their sole motive is to disturb peace in the country and then plead before international human right organisations by playing the victim card. In doing so they hope to defame the global image of Prime Minister Modi whose agenda of development is all inclusive and recognised so by the global community less terror supporting governments, he said.
“They may succeed in disturbing peace temporarily but will never succeed in their ulterior motive of dividing the nation on communal basis. The days of appeasement are gone and like a true secular democracy Modi government firmly believes in SarvDharamSambhav,” Brig Gupta reiterated.
Brig Gupta also warned the administration and people of Jammu that attempts are being made to vitiate the prevailing peaceful atmosphere in Jammu, known worldwide for its communal harmony, by these forces as part of the overall agenda. 
Recounting the events in last two to three weeks ranging from terror activities, temple desecration, idol breaking, planting IED etc, Brig Gupta said that all these are aimed at triggering communal violence. 

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