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India moving from women-specific to women-led projects: Dr Jitendra

Post by on Sunday, June 12, 2022

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New Delhi, June 11: Union Minister of State, Dr Jitendra Singh Saturday said that in the Biotech Start-ups sector, India is moving from women specific to women-led projects. He said, India today is looking at a growth of the Biotech sector from $80 Billion to $150 Billion in the next 4 years and added that this cannot be accomplished without the active participation of women.
After releasing a book based on “Compendium of 75 Women Biotech Entrepreneurs” at Biotech Start-up Expo held at PragatiMaidan here, Dr Jitendra Singh was addressing the session “The Way Forward”. He said, in the past 8 years of Modi Government, the number of female entrepreneur-owned Biotech companies has seen an exponential rise and this can be aptly described as women-led empowerment, rather than only the women empowerment.
The Minister said that women scientists have carved a niche for themselves in Space, Nuclear Science, Drone and Nano-technology and added that many of the big scientific projects including that of the most ambitious manned mission Gaganyaan to be launched in 2023 are being led by women scientists. He said, one of the key pillars of Prime Minister NarendraModi's New India is the success story of women innovators in the country.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, the DST and DBT in the Union Ministry of Science & Technology have special schemes to attract women scientists and to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed women scientists. The Minister said, market conditions, access to varied business opportunities, and female entrepreneurs’ readiness to jump into the world of business ownership create a winning trifecta.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, the role of science and technology in ensuring a just and equitable future for all has always been known, but the last few years have brought this issue to the fore like never before. He further added that in this Amrit–Kaal period, industry, both large and small, and academia have to come together to create and support this ecosystem and culture of innovation. Each partner brings its own expertise, resources and resolve to support this ecosystem, the Minister added.  

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