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Increased prevalence of hypothyroidism in Kashmiri females: Experts

Post by on Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 16: The prevalence of hypothyroidism is higher among females than males in Kashmir, said valley based top endocrinologists. 
According to the official data of SKIMS Soura ,out of every 100 cases,  the Out Patient Department (OPD) of Endocrinology registers 40 cases of hypothyroidism cases among females. 
The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located at the base of the neck. It makes stores and releases thyroid hormones into the blood, hence regulating metabolism.
Dr Sharik Masoodi, a top Endocrinologist at SKIMS Soura told Rising Kashmir that hypothyroidism is found to be the most common thyroid disorder which has been affecting the females in Kashmir.
He said that thyroid disorders both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidisms are found both in men and women of all ages. "But prevalence of hypothyroidism has been found higher in women folk," he said.
“There are different symptoms in both the cases. Hypothyroidism cases show symptoms like leg cramps in some cases, weight gain despite a reduced appetite, tiredness, slow metabolism, constipation and hair loss," he said.
He said that females also have sub- clinical hypothyroidism which is very  common. 
Subclinical hypothyroidism is an early, mild form of hypothyroidism, a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones.
 The serum level of thyroid- stimulating hormone from the front of the pituitary gland is a little bit above normal. 
Dr Masoodi said that some people who are suffering from obesity are often confused with the TSH levels.
" Due to obesity, their TSH levels are always raised. But they think that they have put on due to TSH level. Without consulting a doctor, such patience consume thyroxin. They start eating more rice, carbs which further triggers their Thyroid problems," he said. 
Doctors said that the most common cause of thyroid disease is thyroid autoimmunity, which is often caused by stress.
"People should cross check the TSH levels thrice. Only then, they should consult a qualified endocrinologist because TFT or any hormone test is always to be interpreted in relation to the clinical setting”. 
" In most cases of TFT abnormalities, the level of thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) is normal as per the lab reference range, and only TSH is raised, that too mildly," doctors said. 
 Dr Ashraf Ganie, Professor Endocrinology and Head Department of Clinical Research, SKIMS Srinagar told Rising Kashmir that Thyroid hormones play a very important role in functioning of different organs in the body. 
 " All organs including heart, blood vessels,  brain, liver and reproductive system needs thyroid hormones to function normally,” she said.

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