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In a bid to make Srinagar City cleaner, SMC to eliminate open garbage points in Srinagar

‘SMC mulling to install first of it’s kind underground hydraulic bins at 25 locations in Srinagar’

Post by on Monday, August 1, 2022

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Srinagar, July 31: Srinagar City generates around 520 metric tons daily garbage, authorities handling the operations of the City sanitation are proposing a slew of measures to further augment the waste collection and disposal in the city.
Rising Kashmir’s Special Correspondent Jahangir Sofi speaks with the Srinagar Municipal Corporation’s (SMC) chief sanitation Officer Nazir Ahmad Baba, for Srinagar city about the strategy of garbage collection and afresh and to be taken measures by SMC to further improve the sanitation in the city.
How much garbage is collected daily in Srinagar City?
We have a garbage collection of around more than 500 metric tons every day in Srinagar and most of the garbage comes from the households, a collection of which is done by the SMC from the doorsteps of the households.
There are still open garbage collection points in the city. How is your department addressing that?
Most of our garbage collection is being done from households at their doorsteps, however, there are still some open garbage collection points for which the department is up to eliminate those points as well. In a significant change, there are around 55 open garbage collection points which earlier was more than 120, and we are aiming to further eliminate those 55 points as well.
What are the vehicle types and resources used for the collection of garbage in the city?
Currently, we have around 14 garbage compact vehicles, along with that we have around 123 hopper vehicles and have procured around 100 more vehicles. However, every morning allocated manpower is mobilized every day to start the garbage collection in the city.
What are the new measures SMC is taking as far as sanitation in Srinagar is concerned?
There are a series of measures that have either been taken or will be taken as far as the sanitation in the city is concerned. We have proposed around 12 Garbage transfer stations in the city of which three stations will be installed at Pinchi Mandi Batamaloo, Nishat, and the HMT area. Apart from that, we are also proposing to install 3000 twin colour bins at many places in Srinagar City. We are also going to install first of its kind hydraulic-based underground bins at 25 locations in Srinagar.
What happens with the garbage you collect in Srinagar City?
We have a specific location to dump the garbage and the department receives applications for landfilling for which a proper mechanism filing is provided. However, we are also going to set up a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) under which all the resale valued collection is segregated to generate revenue. Along with that, we are also proposing an organic waste compost plant under which organic and wet waste are converted to compost.
As you are heading the sanitation in the city, what would be your message to the people of Srinagar?
I must say that more than 95 per cent of the people in Srinagar City cooperate with us as far as waste disposal or collection is concerned, but there is still a small percentage of people who keep on throwing garbage on roads, and lanes, or outside the homes of other people. I would urge them not to indulge in such a practice as it is an offence and we have penalized people for that, but for that reason, I would say rather that section of people waiting for us to penalize them should develop a good civic sense and help us in making the city cleaner.

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