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‘I believe in surrendering to the process of change’
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‘I believe in surrendering to the process of change’

Meet Nowsheen Yaqoob who focuses on human development

Post by on Sunday, July 18, 2021

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Nowsheen Yaqoob is on a path to create better lives both on personal and professional front. She is helping individuals and corporates to transform the way they understand themselves, their relationships, career, and health. Our reporter Lubna Reshi spoke to Nowsheen at length about her life and journey. 
Tell us something about yourself? 
I am Founder and CEO of Auracious Global Consulting- A Human Development Company.  As an Internationally certified Master Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, my work focuses on human development, along with personal and professional coaching solutions.  In my quest for excellence, I am taking purposeful strides to blaze new trails in my specialization along with the absolute best of my experience and expertise, aimed towards helping individuals and corporates achieve their personal and professional growth.
My beliefs and values hinge on achieving human connectedness, growth and contribution, in a manner that ensures the best benefits for those who gain from it. I give my best in everything I do, and being as genuine as humanly possible, with a never-give-up attitude. It is this same belief, ‘yes, it is possible’ that I share in my work, to help transform an individual’s mindset to realize their infinite horizons, dimensions, and potential.  After my personal transformational journey, I have achieved quite a good progress and gained confident expertise through years of honing my skills. This constant learning evolution has helped me discover new facets in my work and in myself. I passionately believe that surrendering yourself to the process of change is the key to true self-empowerment.  
Your career choice is quite unconventional; tell us how and why you opted for it? 
The amalgamation of my life experiences with how I overcame many challenges and obstacles in life, and my passion for sharing my learnings with people who could benefit from it, led me to take this up as a career.   
From my early childhood years and well into my adult life, it was quite an arduous journey towards overcoming many fears and anxieties. Triumphing over them inspired me to go forward confidently in my chosen field of work.  
Now, I am living my passion of helping individuals to break their shackles of fears, anxieties, traumas, and stress, to live a confident, happy, and fulfilled life.   
What are the areas you focus on? 
I help individuals and corporates to transform the way they understand themselves, their relationships, career, and health, thus becoming their personal and professional best.  
I work on bringing a dynamic transformation in people’s lives through the principles of Human Potential Development, NLP and Life Coaching through individual sessions, awareness workshops, corporate trainings, group coaching, webinars, seminars, social media awareness, eBooks, self-help PDFs and podcasts.  
Why did you decide to become a life coach? 
The intent to help people in an authentic manner, backed by professional tools, put me on the road to making Life Coaching my career.  My desire to add value to people’s lives, especially the ones who feel they are under societal pressure and have issues that prevent them from achieving their best potential due to self-limiting beliefs, lead me to become a Life Coach and now an entrepreneur. It fulfils me personally and professionally in more ways than I could have imagined.  
How long have you been coaching? 
I have been a full-fledged Life Coach since 2015. However, my career in training and development has grown over the past 18 years, with many milestones, experiences, and learnings.  
Who are some of the people and organisations you have worked with?  
I have been fortunate enough to have worked with reputed corporate giants that include Wipro, Jet Airways, Emirates Airline, and Amity University - Dubai. 
My clients hail from a wide cross section of cultural backgrounds and comprise over 200 nationalities.  
What do you love about coaching the most? 
It is a rewarding journey of transformation and fulfilment for those who I work with, by helping them overcome struggles to achieve their goals. I love working closely with my clients and seeing them experience their personal breakthroughs is a constant source of fulfilment and gratification for me. And now my client base is growing organically through referrals and meaningful associations.  
What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced? 
My self-limiting belief about taking the plunge into entrepreneurship was the most difficult challenge to overcome, as it came along with a set of apprehensions, fears, doubts and a certain level of scepticism and vulnerabilities.  
What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome in your own life? 
Taking huge responsibilities at an incredibly young age, with minimal guidance and no mentor was quite a mountain of obstacles to surmount. Successfully overcoming those early challenges gave me that all-important thrust in the right direction.  
I had to break free from the imaginary mould of ‘perfection’ to face realities and to see for myself that inner happiness is more validating and satisfying than trying to live up to anybody else’s definition of perfection. We are not here to live up to a marksheet of perfect expectations. We are better off discovering and creating our own happiness in each moment of our lifetime.  
How would you describe your approach to coaching? 
Human connectedness is the core value on which my Life Coaching approach is founded. Each step of the personal empowerment journey is designed to the highest degree. It is a well structured combination of scientifically proven tools and techniques based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching processes, Compassionate Counselling, Hypnosis and Meditation.  
You are a founder of an initiative as well, please enlighten us about that. 
At various points in my personal and professional life, I have been able to give back to society in many ways where my expertise could be harnessed at no cost to those who needed it. Throughout the year 2020, especially when the pandemic forced people to give into to mental, emotional, and psychological pressures, and when income sources dried up, I was able to provide professional life coaching pro bono to one and all.  
I am also working towards building a community of transformational coaches, thought leaders, mentors and change facilitators who will offer help to those who cannot afford or access professional coaching. The foundation of this community lies on shared ideologies, and a fluid forum that inspires, sustains, and encourages progressive thoughts and sustainable human potential transformation. 
How are you making a difference to the world?  
Through living my greatest passion of making a meaningful difference to people’s lives, by helping them to make empowering decisions, to create the best version of themselves for themselves, and for the larger benefit of society. The greater aim is to make the world a better place through individuals who are joyful, confident, and evolved.  

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