How to prepare for to undergo Routine Ultrasonography?
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How to prepare for to undergo Routine Ultrasonography?

Post by on Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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It is commonly called a TV Reel or USG.
It is easy, safe & has no risks of Radiation hazards
In order to get best results & accuracy,good picture quality & saving yours or time of Sonologist (Doctor Who performs USG) preparations are needed for undergoing USG in cold cases where there is no emergency in routinely.
A light dinner is taken the night before preferably soup & bread
An overnight fast or 8 to 12 hours is better for accurate results of the procedure.
Enzyme Tablets like Festal N & Gasex 2 of each are taken after a light dinner which helps in proper digestion & helps in removing gases from the intestines..
Stools are passed in the morning before so to remove the gases or visulaize the organs properly.
Take 4 to 6 glasses of water prior to the procedure so as to fill the urinary bladder which takes 2 hours to near to urinate & which acts as a window for the Sonologist to see certain internal organs like prostate,Ovaries,Fallopian tubes & Uterus.
For upper part of abdomin do not take milk preparations as internal organs get contracted like Gall bladder & pictures may get obscured.
The organs like Liver,kidneys,Spleen,Pancreas are visualised easily in lean & thin persons even without any special preparations  however in obese or persons with poor preparations it becomes further difficult to make out as easy.
Almost in first 1 to 2 months of pregnancy the patient must report with full bladder for accurate procedures & not to waste yours or the time of the Sonologist.
A water based jelly is applied on the skin of the part to be scanned which helps in removing air from skin & the probe which has least chances of any skin allergy.
Light or loose clothing must be worn to help Sonologist to perform the procedure easily.
For later half of pregnancy there is no particular preparations required,even no fasting or fluids are recommended.
For Foetal scalp USG for Hydrocephalus etc no preparations required.
For Thyroid & other tissues no specific recommendations.
Other Transoeasophageal or transvaginal ultrasounds need special consents or indications or recommendations.
The first ultrasound in life must be done after 20 years of age or if required during any specific indications if recommended by your family physician.
If the result reports are alright or normal you can be asked to repeat it at least once or after 2 years.
Dr Javaid Iqbal khan 
MBBS;MD Medicine
Trained Hematologist & Transfusion Specialist 
Blood Bank Officer

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