How to Express Emotions in a Healthy Manner?
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How to Express Emotions in a Healthy Manner?

Post by on Saturday, July 3, 2021

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1. Name your feelings- naming your feelings can help you recognise what you are feeling. 
Eg.- Don’t shout and scream, instead say that- “I am angry/ furious”.
2. Learn new vocabulary/ words for different feelings- like-
        a. happy/ joyful/ pleasant/ exited/ exhilarated, etc. 
        b.  angry/ irritable/ frustrated/ annoyed, etc.
        c- sad/ miserable/ depressed/ unhappy/ etc.
3. Practice / focus on one emotion everyday- Eg- Focus on Joy for one whole day. Keep a note when you recognise it through the day. You can also note whether the feeling is mild/ moderate/ strong.
4. Play a fun game of noticing various emotions in movies/ series/ stories and see if you get it correct or not.
5. Use assertiveness-  in expressing what you want.

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