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Health Awareness

Post by on Monday, February 28, 2022

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An interesting fact related to public health has come to fore recently in lesser developed countries or states where health infrastructure is inadequate. In countries and states where literacy is high and people are aware about common diseases and new researches in medical science field, the overall figures are on the brighter side. In states where literacy rate is low and where people hardly know about diseases or remedies, there is lot of burden on the public health system usually operated by state apparatus. By spreading awareness about diseases including their prevention, about different treatments and new researches that have proved to be of utility in medical sciences, the public health system could be improved. Health care system doesn’t only comprise hospitals and dispensaries. Such institutions provide treatment for disease once they have occurred. Another way of taking care of the health of a society is to aware people about different ways and means that can stop the emergence of a disease. Latter is always better than the former, and also cheaper. We keep receiving reports about awareness camps being conducted at various places in the UT. It is the need of the hour that the frequency of such camps increases. Beside the quality of information should also be upgraded. This can contribute a lot in arresting the spread of disease at the very beginning, saving many lives. Experts believe that the commonly known diseases continue to remain a major health related concern in 21st century in spite of the fact that treatment to such diseases is easily available. The researches conduct at different levels revealed that the two of every five persons in India are infected by tuberculosis and there are strong chances that a person who is suffering from this disease can infect at least 10-15 persons if not treated properly.  The TB epidemic attained highest proposition during the 1990s, however the growth of this hazard has been slowed down each passing year and is continuously showing a downslide. The disease nevertheless has been found to be less in Kashmir despite the cruel and harsh weather conditions. In Kashmir, people need to be cautious about diseases like TB, swine flu and Hepatitis. We should popularize the findings of research and also make sure that what doctors discuss in seminars reaches common masses. That way people will benefit more and the purpose will be served. Our premier health institutes can take lead in this regard.


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