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Harsh Dev holds meet with Kejriwal, discusses J&K issues

Post by on Monday, May 9, 2022

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Delhi, May 08: Former minister and AAP leader Harsh Dev Singh Sunday held a meeting with ArvindKejriwal, National Convenor of the party and Delhi CM and discussed several issues pertaining to the UT of J&K in New Delhi.
A party statement said that while apprising Kejriwal about the present scenario in J&K, Harsh Dev said that the erstwhile state had been rattled due to the reckless conduct of the powers that be.
“With malgovernance galore, the economy, trade, tourism and general development has received the deadliest blow during the last few years. The power and water crisis had created massive resentment against the government in the entire UT. A deep rooted culture of patronized corruption is prevalent in the UT with the general masses having lost their faith in the prolonged central rule forced over the erstwhile state for the last more than 3 and a half  years,” he said.
The unemployed and the other under-employed youth were the most disappointed lot with the government treating them as mere expendables, he further said, adding that absorption of educated unemployed youth in gainful employment, regularization of DRWs and contractual needs to be the priority of the AAP in the days to come.
Kejriwal assured Singh of a fair deal to the educated unemployed youth, the statement said.
Kejriwal said that the Delhi government has provided jobs to over 10 lac youth and is in the process of creating additional avenues as a measure of youth empowerment.
He said that he is committed for timely regularization of the temporary employees. Kejriwal further reiterated the commitment of the party to provide free power and drinking water to the people of UT in case the party was voted to power.
He wished good luck to Harsh Dev Singh and expressed the hope that the party would benefit immensely from his political acumen and experience.

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